**NOW AVAILABLE – our 2019 ciders have now been bottled!  Contact us at uglyapplecider@gmail.com or place an online order now. Beginning in August we will be doing COVID-19 friendly sampling in our new tasting area, outdoors.

Welcome to Ugly Apple, where we celebrate crisp, refreshing, hard cider, and the ugly apples that go into it. We make our cider by gathering wild apples, pressing and fermenting , and serving. It’s as simple as that.

This is the way cider has been made for hundreds of years; unfiltered, unpasteurized, without back-sweetening or carbonation, and with an end product that’s a celebration of the dry, slightly funky taste of a true, well-crafted cider.

We consider each batch of our cider to be an adventure in flavour and unpredictability, one where the end result is always uncertain, but always delicious.

When making our ciders, we use ugly, wild apples, the apples so often overlooked but for us, are what we call: Cider in the Rough.

Why wild? Wild apples are more complex and flavourful and more closely resemble the apples that would have been used by traditional cider makers hundreds of years ago.

Read more about our story, our ciders, and our wines, here. Want to give our ciders and wines a try? Check us out at the Carp Farmers’ Market and Perth Farmers’ Market, Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., May to Thanksgiving.

We also sell cider from our farm, shoot us an email if you’d like to place an order. Please keep in mind that our quantities are finite, and once we sell out, the cider party is over until next year.