COVID-19 Update

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we understand that now more than ever we all need some cider in our lives. Here at Ugly Apple, we are working to make sure you are able to enjoy your cider safely.

Here is what we are doing to protect you during COVID-19:

  • We now deliver locally right to your doorstep (yes, this includes Ottawa).
  • We have set up a pick-up box at the top of our drive where you can pick up your cider without having person to person contact.
  • We now take payment online for orders.
  • We have set up an outdoor tasting area for visitors to sample cider before purchasing. (Note: Please reach out ahead of time to ensure we are home and available for a tasting)

We have hand sanitizer available on-site and will ensure that we meet the highest of health and safety protocols prior to and during your visit. We understand a trip to the country is always an enjoyable day-trip experience and apple orchards make the best spots to explore, but we do encourage customers to take advantage of our contactless delivery options.

Please note our orchard has been decimated by the gypsy moth infestation this year, and is not quite as attractive as it should be!

For more information or to chat please call 613-264-6107. Please leave a message – we may be out in the field!