Our Ciders

Our ciders are a premium product made using wild yeasts naturally found on the apples, and are uncarbonated, unfiltered, and dry. After hand-harvesting naturally organic wild apples found on the farm,  the apples are pressed, and the juice fermented.

It’s as easy (and as complicated) as that.

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Wild Cider

If you love scrumpy, this one’s for you! This cider is just what it sounds like, cider made from a selection of wild apples from our property. We fermented three large batches of this cider and each one turned out just a little bit different, but still close enough that we felt comfortable labelling them all under the same name. Alcohol by volume: 7%

Cost: $15.00

Forbes’ Log Cabin Scrumpy NEW

This cider is made solely from apple trees harvested from a local farm in Lanark County. Forbes’ cider is harvested from one of the original pioneer cabins in the region, and is a dry, full-bodied flavour that reflects the apple heritage of Lanark County. Enjoy this one after a meal, served chilled. Alcohol by volume: 6.5%

Cost $15.00

El Escanciador NEW

This cider is named for the Spanish-style cider that won a silver medal at the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition in 2018, the largest cider competition in the world. Made in the same style, this one can’t be called award-winning because it was made in a different year, but the same sour, dry flavour is still there. Alcohol by volume: 5.6%

Cost: $15.00

Marathon SOLD OUT

This cider took so long to ferment we called it “marathon!” You’ll find this cider has a deliciously unique flavour that’s totally different from our other ciders. Still dry, Marathon has a smooth and silky finish from  first sip to the last dregs of the bottle. It also has a much different colour than our other ciders, most likely due to how slowly it fermented; it has a very light, pale colour in comparison to the Wild Cider. A must try for any cider lover.

Alcohol by volume: 7%

Cost: $15.00

Norman-Dry SOLD OUT

Made in the Normandy-style, in that apples are left to ferment with the skin on before pressing, this cider has a very full flavour, with just a hint of cider vinegar finish. Unlike in Normandy, we fermented our cider until dry, so don’t expect a sweet cider with this one! Cider lovers will love the bouquet, one sniff and you’ll be hooked. Alcohol by volume: 5.5%

Cost $15.00